Saral Vaastu

Vastu for Home has a major significance in your Wealth, Health, Education, Career and Relationships. We spend major part of the day at home, and the energy at home either positive or negative resonates in to your body and effects your body and soul either in positive or negative way. This impacts us Mentally and Physically and can lead to either prosperity or the problems. As per Vastu Shastra, one needs to take care certain things at home in order to create positive energy at the time.

Assured Vastu Solution for Marriage & Relationship

Anhata Chakra is one of the 7 main chakras lying in human body. Anahata Chakra is associated with the ability to make decisions and Love & passion. The institution of marriage has been given high importance and is invariably associated with mutual love between the spouses and the generation and education of children.

The power of energy and chakras in your body

With Saral Health Abhiyan, Guruji wishes to create healthy societies for the betterment of the mankind. The vision of Saral Health is to usher in optimal health and happiness for all — the individual, the family, and the community in the comfort of their homes. The ultimate happiness can be achieved only at an individual's home only through the concept of Saral Health.

Unlock your children's education potential with the help of our unique science

Most children in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven life are unable to realize their full potential. There are multiple factors, some created by adults and society, which hold our youngsters back. The increasing pressure of society and educational system often distracts children instead of motivating them. In the wake of the above children may suffer from low-self-esteem that may eventually assume the form of a neurosis or a mental health issue. Under these circumstances the child may get disinterested in studies and that may even lead to his dropping out of school. Due to lack of interest and concentration he may be labelled as inattentive in class, one who gets easily distracted, lazy etc.

Find your dream job

Saral Jobs focuses on building a happy society by building great careers for aspirants. Whatever your skills and education are , you will find your right job on Saral job with ease. Our aim is to create successful careers by helping you to find the right job as per your expectations. SaralJob matching algorithm takes into account your skills, education, location and experience and sends you very targeted job opportunities. Saral Jobs will put your name in front of the best employers and give you free career, salary and interview advice. Get the job, and the salary you deserve.

Saral Unique Science for selection and construction of the property

Building one’s house is a once in a lifetime activity. It is not something we undertake on a daily or monthly basis. Moreover, we spend a lot of money in creating a comfortable and beautiful home with a hope that it will become a happy living place for ourselves and our family. Happiness at the home front could be defined as a function of all the internal and external elements that constitute one’s home environment. Internal elements would comprise of the bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, balcony and the like, while external elements would include sun light, natural air, atmosphere etc.