Frequently Ask Questions

A network is a group or system of people who are connected to one another for multiple purposes. In a social system, networking allows others to know about the products and services that give you satisfaction and who provides them.

The basic objective of a business network is to seek business for new products and services and to connect with new people. This would give you an opportunity to create awareness about your products and services by meeting them repeatedly across various forums and conferences held by the network. Repetition and persistence are the keys to networking.

Only one person from a particular profession can join us.

You need to attend two consecutive meetings as a guest to be eligible for your application to get accepted. Your place of business would be inspected prior to acceptance of your application.

A minimum of one year is needed to be in the business.

More than the occupation it is the individual who benefits from networking. Irrespective of your occupation, if you are the one who is focused, with a dream and ready to make a sacrifice then you are the ideal person to be a part of our community.

SPBN GLOBAL recognizes the value of ethical concerns pertaining to some professions and accepts the fact that rules may vary based on the location. SPBN GLOBAL therefore requires its members to disclose the rules of its profession so that they do not violate the professional’s ethical obligations. In case SPBN GLOBAL's general rules could potentially violate the professional ethical code, SPBN GLOBAL rules are amended accordingly.

If the number of members are lesser than 30, than only 3 “NO” votes would be needed to deny membership. If the number of members are more than 30, then 10% of the membership voting “NO” would be need to deny membership.

The dues are to be paid on a yearly basis. The treasurer will pro-rate new members, as and when they join to include them in the chapter cycle.

You will be informed by the chapter committee on the day you are voted into the chapter. This will be followed by a letter from the president welcoming you to the chapter.

Applicant for membership needs to give references. A reference check is performed by the membership committee before accepting the application.

At the first meeting you will get an opportunity to exchange visiting cards with other members and required to formally introduce yourself to everyone.

You should come well-prepared to introduce yourself. You can introduce yourself as follows: “Hello my name is XYZ, I am the President of ABC Company. Any you are?” Once the other person has introduced himself, you can provide further information about your company.

At a business networking event, you would only get a single opportunity to create your first impression. Hence, it would be preferable if you wear your formals and not casual attire. At a business networking event, you may only have one chance to make a great first impression.

You should carry your business cards, pen/pencil, brochures, a small notepad or notebook and obviously you should wear a friendly smile on your face and meet people with a firm handshake and an open and positive attitude.

A business networking event is an ideal platform to let others know about your products so that they are comfortable to refer business to you. Some business categories like finance and health may not have a high turnover and hence other person’s trust is required before they could give refer business to you.

If a referral is not handled well by a member and then it must be reported to the committee that will investigate the matter and take corrective action.

We encourage members to bring visitors from occupations that are open. After verification and scrutiny of the visitor a closed meeting is set up with him to know if he could become a potential member.

No, there is no entry fee, however you need to pay the venue charges.