About Us

About Founder

SPBN GLOBAL has been initiated by our group founder, Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, a modern guru, philanthropist, and Samaritan, who has served millions of people through social causes and humanitarian initiatives...read more

Founder's message

It's my vision to build a global business community of professionals and entrepreneurs from different walks of life by helping them grow through business referrals. My heartfelt desire has always been to help the business fraternity across the globe come closer through this initiative...read more

About SPBN Global

Saral Parivar Business Network Global (SPBN GLOBAL) is a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to grow their business by helping each other. In order to grow business you require qualified referrals and SPBN GLOBAL can help you get qualified business referrals on a regular basis. The philosophy behind this business network is based on the networking standard. As per this standard, people who implement this make business referrals to their fellow networkers rather than satisfying their business needs. The unique business philosophy of SPBN GLOBAL also promotes face-to-face interaction and the use of technology. In the SPBN GLOBAL model only one person from every profession or business can join a chapter. Being part of SPBN GLOBAL is like having several sales professionals working for you, who do your cross-promotion while making their sales pitch. When they meet a prospective client or customer, they would recommend your products or services to them. This in turn would lead to more trusted referrals for your business.

Welcome SPBN Global

SPBN GLOBAL is a group or community of entrepreneurs and professionals that seeks to support each other through business referrals and cross-promotional activities to help one another achieve their business goals. It offers a scope to the members to share their views, connections and referrals. The networking community offers a meticulous and supportive system of offering and getting business referrals at the global level. SPBN GLOBAL through its collaborative business philosophy aims at achieving unmatched business growth. By joining SPBN GLOBAL you will improve the prospect of meeting like-minded professionals from different walks of life and widen your professional network. SPBN GLOBAL aims to operate at the global level.

Our Vision

Betterment of business community through professional networking and mutually beneficial alliances ensuring happiness for everyone.

Our Mission

Nurturing Entrepreneurship.

Our Values

SPBN GLOBAL has been established based on a set of guidelines. They form the basis on which members connect with one another, manage their day-to-day affairs, direct, organize and control activities and achieve their business objectives.


It is a core value that lays the foundation of how we carry out all our activities.


The foundation on which we build all our professional and business relationships.


We strongly believe works with utmost sincerity and dedication should be recognized and rewarded for this efforts so that he gets motivated.


In this dynamically changing business environment, innovation is the key. We innovate to give a competitive edge to our business networks, referral programs and group activities.


We believe and encourage cooperation among members to work with each other in the spirit of teamwork and positivity.